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The Hospital Emergency Room Vs An Urgent Care Doctor: Quicker, Better, Cheaper!

As the debate about healthcare reform wages on, doctors and patients face similar challenges. Struggling over the difficult language within the reform bill, physicians wait with bated breath to view whether or not the new system will definitely solve many of the recurrent medical problems inside the United States.

Some changes, like electronic medical records, have previously experienced a positive effect on healthcare delivery. As a family physician, however, I feel anxious concerning the declining patient-to-physician ratio as fewer medical students elect to practice primary care. Healthcare reform must address not just what rights you have to healthcare, but in addition how the individual can have timely having access to health care bills.

Urgent Care Port St LucieA typical situation which may happen in a work place is usually a cut from a physical object that will require medical treatment. Places that provide urgent care are quick to mend your cut whether you will need stitches or perhaps a simple examination. Your problem is significant to your doctors plus they provide 100 % guarantee that you won’t leave your house without correct diagnosing.

If you require immediate medical treatment, you may get the assistance you need from the services of a professional urgent care facility. The physicians they’ll offer the quality care you’ll need, when you’ll need it the most.

If your desire is always to avoid making a meeting with a primary care provider, or perhaps you need medical assistance straight away, go to an urgent care facility. The medical staff is wanting to treat you when you have a non-life threatening injury or illness.

urgent-care-clinic-locations0104If you suddenly possess the flu, allergies, or simply feel generally ill, you must go to the urgent care rather than waiting for a doctor’s appointment. This way, you can obtain the medicine you would like at the earliest opportunity to enable you to take a shorter period off of work or school. If you have a broken or sprained bone, bug bite, or infection, it’s also possible to be prepared to get treatment at your local urgent care. Anything that does not need a surgeon can usually be treated at this sort of clinic.

No matter the form of fracture, go to an urgent care center ASAP. Broken fingers are primarily addressed with pain medication including Tylenol with Codeine and Vicodin. These pills are utilized in line with the doctor’s instructions, since they are powerful and opiate-based. Other treatments includes the splinting or bracing from the finger involved. Sometimes surgical repair have to be completed to gain full usage in the finger with a referral.

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Educational Requirements And Choosing A Career While In School

Most people today have no idea what the educational requirements are for certain jobs, which I feel should be taught from the very beginning. Many kids go through school with no interest in what they’re being taught, so how about we change things up and start them on a career path at a much younger age.

There are many careers that excite children but unfortunately too many schools waste time teaching boring subjects that kids have no use for or don’t care to learn. It takes away valuable learning time when they could be using their education wisely by picking a career choice at a younger age.

Teachers need to be brought in to instruct the kids on different career choices, rather than sit there and blather on about books written 150 years ago. Kids today do not care about that, they want to know what can help them prepare for life in the future. Educational requirements about certain things like math and English should universal, but other than that kids should be on a career path at a younger age.

Of course at any time they can switch up their career path, but to make the follow these boring school curriculums of today gets us nowhere as a society.

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Moving To A Secure Place To Attend School Has Many Roadblocks

Everyone want their child to grow up in a safe and secure environment, but too often today kids are around too much violence. It really is a shame because we have so many wonderful school systems around the country that kids should be allowed to attend.

For some reason in certain cities they have a ban on charter schools which makes no sense. You are taking a kid out of a rough environment and give them a nice place to learn. It makes no sense and people should be ashamed of themselves for forcing their political policies onto the shoulders of these kids.

Parents need to have more choice in where to send their kids. Why should any parent be forced into sending their child to a school that is not safe and secure? It makes absolutely no sense and it is all for political purposes. It makes you think that these people who are forcing kids into these terrible schools are the ones with no education.

Something needs to be done because the inner city schools are all falling apart. If nothing is done these kids are not going to grow up right.

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Why Need An Education System

It is my personal opinion that the education system in our country has gone so far downhill over the past twenty years that we keep producing young adults not ready to take on the challenges of society. We can see that today by the leaders we elect, most who haven’t got a clue on how to properly govern.

In order to change things around we need to start a different school curriculum from the first day kids start classes. Every child is not the same and each one has different needs while working at their own pace. That’s perfectly okay and we should be encouraging children to follow their dreams, but not hold them back by forcing them to take classes that they have no interest in.

An education that excites children is one where they get to pick and choose which schools they want to attend, the type of programs to sign up for and of course one with more parental guidance. It can be done, but unfortunately we have leaders in government who are not willing to make these necessary changes, instead they think they know what’s best for the kids, rather than the local communities.

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Looking For A Busines Operations Career Education

I am thinking about going back to school and there are a few questions that I have pertaining to my options in education. I am very interested in business operations, as I have been working very closely with the team at my current job. I would like to see what schools in my area might be the best and I would even be interested about doing some or all of the classes online as I still want to work full time. Does anyone have insight on a good business operations school that I can look to for courses?

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Getting A Career Education Online In Business Computer Applications

One of the more important careers going forward is definitely in the world of computers where there is a tremendous opportunity to do a lot of different things. One area that people seem to like specializing in is business computer applications.

Since business will always be around and of course many people who run these businesses have no idea about computers, your expertise can be a huge help in building their company. Even better is that you can get this education online and learn all you need to know about succeeding in business with computers.

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Educational Requirements For A Career Are Easier Today

In many cases today you will find different careers having certain education requirements which can be taught in school. The good thing though is that our world is changing where you don’t necessarily need a full education to secure the job of your dreams.

There are many classes you can take online for instance where you can learn a career in less than a year. It is a great opportunity today that we have the internet because it makes it much easy to get all of your educational requirements in a much shorter time period.

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Education In Today’s Society Is Very Important

Education has always been a very important part of society for most of us, since that is how we learn, use our brains and grow as people. Without education we are nothing but a disorganized society with no culture and not aspirations. We can see this throughout history and use it as a learning tool when we look at the most educated societies.

Some things do have to change as far as the education system goes, namely more freedom to choose the things you want to learn, not what is forced upon you like they are trying to do today. But for the most part, education is always a good thing, even if you don’t agree with some of the teachings.

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How I Plan My School Administration Process

I have started to take into account my new career as a principal of my local school. The problem was this was the first time I had ever taken on this type of responsibility and it was not going to be an easy job. I knew that it was going to be a difficult job because of the changes. However, the first thing that I started to do was implement regular staff meetings and even started to have them provide me with information on troubled students. Once I did this, I finally noticed that my school started performing better and the students were doing good.

Learning to fill a Need Was Part of Education

Part of EducationA recent college graduate remembers all too well being in college and not being able to afford the “little things.”

On Sept. 1, the Postal Service shipped 83 boxes, called SWAK Packs (an acronym for “sealed with a kiss”) to Hobart and William Smith Colleges’ Higher Education Opportunities Program (HEOP) to provide low-income college students with supplies.

The creator of SWAK Packs, Liz Witbeck, was inspired by her own experience as a low-income college student. The first in her family to attend college, she never received a care package from home and often struggled to afford college essentials.

“It’s really expensive to go to college — it’s very expensive — but there’s always little things that people have trouble affording like notebooks or even something like pencils or shampoo or body wash. Something like that is a very hard expense for people who are low income,” she said.

Witbeck, 27, of Saratoga Springs, graduated from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in religious studies and a minor in education. She returned to her alma mater to speak with the administration about her project and arranged to distribute her first set of care packages to students in the school’s HEOP program.

The project is funded by private donations, including those from a fundraiser on the crowdfunding website Go Fund Me. Witbeck hopes to eventually expand it from beyond a project. “I’m hoping to get board members so I can incorporate it as a nonprofit,” she said. She also plans to recruit volunteers.

Corresponding with the college, Witbeck determined what the students would need in their care packages: “One of the things that they had requested was flash drives, so I put those in there.” Other items include notebooks, highlighters and items such as toothpaste, Band-Aids and cough drops. Each package also contained a box of Oreos. Purchasing them online, she estimated the cost at a few thousand dollars.

Witbeck hopes to eventually expand her distribution to area colleges such as Skidmore College and the University at Albany.

In addition to her SWAK Pack project, Witbeck writes a blog on which she gives advice to college students. The website, swakpack.org, includes topics on finance, academics and dealing with college culture as a low-income student.

Witbeck herself found it difficult to attend college. Her mother died the summer after her freshman year, and she found herself lacking the support network many of her classmates had, describing the experience as a “culture shock.”

Low-income students, Witbeck said, are more likely to struggle in college and drop out. “There’s emotional burdens at home that a lot of students face, and certainly there’s societal challenges that students face,” she said.

Witbeck believes education is important in particular for low-income students because it can be a way out of poverty. “I think it’s important to send students to college and make sure that they have the things that are necessary in order to make sure that that they can succeed in college,” she said.

Top 4 Ways to Apply Big Data in Higher Education

Higher EducationWhen was the last time you did a spring clean on your laptop? We all get frustrated when we start running out of space and can be guilty of deleting files haphazardly without looking at what data is actually causing the problem.

While you might be able to sustain this approach on your personal devices, imagine the chaos it would cause in a much bigger environment.

Higher education institutions are a prime example – they’re now dealing with a much a higher rate of internet-connected devices on campus with BYOD, resulting in a deluge of data that their current methods of coping can’t handle.

Higher education institutions have data flooding in from all directions via online applications, software-based and online classroom exercises and testing, social media, blogs, and student surveys.

Why IT professionals are going back to school for big data

There is also a surge from public data – with online benchmarking of students, professors and curriculum performance becoming increasingly popular. All of this data is placing strain on existing IT infrastructures, causing CIOs to demand new architecture and CEOs to ask why.

Established software solutions, which have been around since the 70s, are not engineered to cope with the data demands. That’s why many higher education institutions have yet to harness big data – they lack the tools to take advantage of it and this problem will only get worse as data volumes continue to mount.

Institutions that fail to embrace big data as an opportunity will to be left behind by those that do as the power of data-informed strategic decisions fuels them forward in the league tables.

So how can high education institutions stop fire-fighting and get to the point where they can actually apply big data insights?

1. Start small

You need to find the areas in your operations that are the most data-intensive – such as applications or grading – and identify one problem that can be easily solved with analytics. The momentum from a quick victory will allow you to address more problems throughout the institution.

2. Identifying the desired outcome

To be successful on your analytics journey, you should begin with the end in mind. Are you aiming to improve student relationships? Improve recruitment? Find new sources of revenue for your institution?

Before you invest time and money into a big data analytics initiative, first determine your desired outcome, then build your strategy and data architecture to help you meet your goal.

3. Foster a data culture

For too long, higher education institutions haven’t had the resources to effectively capture and store the data, much less analyse it. With the advent of next-generation technologies like Hadoop, this is no longer an issue.

These days, it may be more expensive to discard data than it is to keep it. It’s imperative to create a culture that respects data and makes data analytics an integral part of every business decision.

4. Find good partners

Education technology is evolving at a pace never seen before but there are few organisations that have the internal resources on hand to create and operate effective big data analytics workflows.

Find a partner that is dedicated to enabling you to be successful in every stage of your analytics journey. This partner will help you embrace your current investments and work with you to build processes that won’t require hard-to-find specialised skillsets, which run the risk of becoming outmoded in a manner of months.

Laptop Beneficiaries to Get free Computer Education

BHUBANESWAR: The state government will offer basic level computer education training to students who will get free laptops on the basis of their Plus II results for 2014-15, a government officer said.

The Naveen Patnaik government has been offering free laptops to 15,000 students on the basis of their Plus II results since 2013 under a scheme called Biju Yuva Sashaktikaran Yojna an initiative under the Odisha Youth Policy.

Government sources said Microsoft will conduct the certification course (Microsoft Office Exam) for those who would get the laptops on the basis of their exams in 2014. The government has set a deadline of distributing the laptops by September 30.

“This certification programme on MS Office applications (word, excel and power point) will help students in future job requirements,” the officer said.

Microsoft partner M/S Pearson would conduct online exams for these students in October (MS Word), November (Power Point) and excel (December) at of nodal colleges.

The Council of Higher Secondary Education (CHSE) prepares list of meritorious students for various streams such as arts, commerce and science taking into consideration the quota available for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.

Delay in distribution of laptops to eligible students for the year 2013-14 had attracted lots of criticism from various quarters.

Government sources said the laptops could not be distributed on time last year due to difference in opinion about the procedure in higher education and information technology departments.

B.C. Education: Three Principals Provide an Insider’s Guide

B.C. Education Insider's Guide“I don’t want this teacher, I want this one” — that’s something that Burnaby school district principal David Mushens has heard many times from parents of students.

And he isn’t alone. Whenever he met up for a glass of wine with two fellow school principals and the conversation turned to work, they realized that they were repeatedly getting the same types of questions and demands from parents.

Burnaby school principal David Mushens says picking a good school is as much about your child as it is about the school. (Charlie Cho/CBC)

So the three decided to write a book.

“It occurred to us that perhaps a lot of the times when there are issues and things that are going on in a school, we haven’t done a good enough job giving information,” Mushens told The Early Edition host Stephen Quinn.

Mushens, along with Faizel Rawji and David Starr of the Surrey and Burnaby school districts respectively, have penned the Insider’s Guide to K–12 Education in BC.

‘Can’t you just fire them?’

Mushens said he’s found that parents and caregivers often don’t realize that schools have certain parameters in which they operate — for example, teachers can’t just be swapped out of classes or simply fired.

“A lot of times people look at what they see on American television, [they think] they’re going to walk in here and we’re going to say, ‘Yes, you’re right, I’m going to fire people!'” Mushens said.

“It’s understandable, I’m an advocate for my child too. But people come in sometimes not recognizing the vast complex of systems that are in place in any type of government bureaucracy.

“They forget that really, education is a very collaborative process, it’s about working with people.”

The book addresses how the school system in B.C. works, provides information on assessments and evaluations (including the controversial Fraser Institute school rankings), and there is also a section for frequently asked questions.

How to pick a school?

Mushens said that, as a principal, he is often asked how one can determine the quality of different schools.

“It’s not so much what’s a good school, but what’s a good school for your child,” he said.

He said the book explains that there are a wide variety of programs available that might suit a student’s’ needs — and said that while many will go to a school in their neighbourhood, private schools may be what others are looking for.

“Independent schools have lots of good things to offer — for some kids. You want to make the choice for the right reason…is there something particular to this program that’s going to benefit my child?”